Sunday, 11 December 2011


A trip to Ealing to buy a new Paul Catherall print from the excellent For Arts Sake gallery. The first clocks are at Ealing Broadway station, which has at least three of the fairly standard LU clocks on its platforms.

And a different, but equally standard, clock in the booking hall:

Outside the station, on The Broadway itself, is a rather neglected clock above a shop. Not surprisingly, the clock isn't working, and shows a different time on its two faces.

Just down the road on The Mall, is another shop clock, this time over Paddy Power:

Many new shopping centres have clocks, probably in an attempt to make them seem to be more friendly to the urban environment that they are often blighting, but most tend to be very uninspiring. The Arcadia centre in Ealing, however, has this rather splendid example.

Normally places have at least one church with a clock, and Ealing is no exception. This is on The New Broadway, opposite the Arcadia centre.

Further down The New Broadway is Ealing Town Hall, currently undergoing external restoration. Lurking underneath all of the scaffolding is a clock:

The accompnaying sign says that restoration will be complete in January 2012 - a good excuse to revisit and buy another print from For Arts Sake!