Monday, 29 December 2014

Bond Street - re-visited

I covered Bond Street in London back on the 4th of August 2013, but a recent visit revealed a number of changes which I went back to capture today.

First, IWC has opened its new premises on the street, and has introduced this fine new clock.

And for once a new clock has Arabic numerals.

But as one shop opens, another closes. Watches of Switzerland has vacated its site at the corner of Clifford Street, and the shop has been taken over by its old neighbour Patek Philippe.

This has led to the loss of the Rolex clock (although there is another one further down the street) and the original Patek Philippe one. However, these have been replaced by two new Patek Philippe clocks, one on Bond Street and the other one on the Clifford Street fa├žade.

As these two new clocks also show the date, I felt an added pressure to post these pictures promptly.

These clocks are new and very shiny (with some great reflections from the casing) - anywhere else and you would expect them to become grubby quite quickly, but as this is Bond Street I expect that they will be kept in first class condition.

And finally, the Mappin and Webb store at the corner with Piccadilly has added a series of identical clocks to its shop front, two on Bond Street and another three round the corner on Piccadilly.

So good times for clocks on Bond Street - three new clock designs, one with Arabic numerals, one with dashes, and one with Roman numerals.