Thursday, 23 October 2014


Off to the south coast of Kent to visit the Folkestone Triennial, the three-yearly art festival which continues until 2 November (so get your skates on and go and visit this wonderful collection of sculptural/architectural interventions - see

There are a few clocks in the town as well. If you follow the Triennial trail and start off from Folkestone Central station, the first one you will see is that of the United Reformed Church on Cheriton Road.


The Old Town Hall is in the town centre.

Christ Church is to the west of the town centre on Sandgate Road.

The church is just a tower - the reason why is set out on the stone plaque shown below:

Who said clocks had to have 12 hours? Certainly this clock at the top of the Zig Zag Path has other ideas.

It turns out this is part of an artwork, a leftover from a previous Triennial.

Staying with the art, the next clock on Dover Road can be seen lurking behind one of the installations for the current Triennial.

The building on which the clock is mounted has seen better days...

...and the clock itself looks like it is missing one of its hands (or is this another art work?)

Next up is the church of St Mary and St Eanswythe.

The bus station has a simple an effective timepiece. This is precisely what you need when you are rushing to catch a bus.

And finally another simple clock face design, this time at the East Kent College campus on Shorncliffe Road.