Saturday, 20 May 2017


Nantwich is a nice little town in Cheshire, originally made prosperous as a salt producing centre in the 10th century.

Walking up from the station along Pillory Street, we come across the jewellers of C H Moody & Son, which sports the standard Rolex clock.

On the High Street we find the timbered building which includes Hope House.

Nantwich's library was once in Pillory Street, with the building now used as a museum. The current library is on Beam Street, with its rear wall facing the bus station. And hence this has been put to use to provide a clock for bus passengers, as well as decorating an otherwise blank wall. Well done to the planners.

Nantwich town centre has many fine buildings, but the gem has to be St Mary's church.

This Grade I listed church dates from the 14th century, with restoration by the renowned architect George Gilbert Scott in the 19th century.

It is only with a zoom lens that you fully appreciate the level of detail of the gargoyles and other features, way up on the building.

Looking down instead of up, I saw this in the pavement on Hospital Street. I am not sure what the clock motive is all about, but it might be reference to the Millennium Clock.

After walking around the town, I was need of some refreshment from a local hostelry. A pint of Ruddles always goes down well. Anyway, it was I good time to do a quick internet search for clocks in Nantwich. And the one that came up was the Millennium Clock which I hadn't seen. Luckily it was said to be in Cocoa Yard, almost opposite to where I was sitting.

And so here it is, the Nantwich Millennium Clock.

It is not actually that easy to tell the time from this clock - you have to look quite closely, so no good for a quick glance as you hurry by.

And it wasn't showing the correct time either.

So, Nantwich - nice little town, five clocks.