Saturday, 5 November 2011


Wandsworth, town on the River Wandle. The big disappointment on arriving at Wandsworth Town railway station hot from Richmond (see earlier posting) is that the station entrance clock, clearly shown on Google StreetView, is no longer there. The entrance is being re-built, with not a clock in sight. Does anyone know if it is going to be replaced?

So just five clocks from Wandsworth. The first is from the impressive Town Hall, although not on the main facade as might be expected but on a side entrance.

Further down Wandsworth High Street is the parish church:

The  next clock is one of those interesting shop clocks which have sadly been neglected (is this on the Stopped Clocks website?), on West Hill.

Heading back to the station, hoping to get a closer view of the brewery clock, I came across this clock at Chelsea Cars on Armoury Way.

And finally, the Ram Brewery. Not easy to get a good shot of this clock because of the high concrete walls surrounding the site, but here it is:

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