Sunday, 29 July 2012

Leeds (Part 4: South)

This posting covers the area to the immediate south of Leeds city centre, and then jumps to Morley (which locals probably see as a separate town, but has too few clocks to have its own posting).

The south of the city is a mixture of industrial areas (thriving and derelict) and modern redevelopments. No prizes that it is the former that is the more interesting from a clock perspective (and many other perspectives too).

The first site visited is this industrial building on Hunslet Road that is currently being refurbished.

The clock face looks in pretty good condition......

..... although the hands on another face have seen better days. Lets hope that the clock is fully restored.

Just down the road is the very much still in use works of TF & JH Braime Ltd, with its Potts clock of 1915.

Rather more derelict are the premises of Knight and Illson Ltd on Water Lane. The clock itself has stopped, and the face has some damage.

Although in much  better condition, Bridge End House has a stopped clock, which rather helpfully shows a different time on each of its faces.

Just round the corner is the Old Red Lion pub, with a rather non-descript clock set above a statue of a red lion (age not known).

Opposite are the old premises of Charles Walker & Co. Ltd, Mill Furnishers. I love these bold statements of ownership permanently set into the building which showed a great faith in the future and an investment in the building - not something you see very often with modern buildings. Shame that the clock is not working.

South now to Morley. For a relatively small settlement, the town hall is an impressive building with clock tower to match. The clock (another Potts) was installed in 1895, but was destroyed by fire in 1961. A new clock was installed, but the dials were repaired.

The only other clock I could find in Morley is on this derelict church. Despite being totally gutted, the dial and hands of the clock still remain.

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