Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cricklewood (and its mobile town hall)

I can't say that Cricklewood (in north-west London - 4 miles to London and 10 miles to Watford as its old mile stone says) was high on my list of places to visit, but along came the mobile town hall and all that changed.

The mobile town hall is a project to give a sense of place to Cricklewood. It is around until the 28 September, and further information can be found at

My interest is that the cycle-powered town hall has a clock.

I hope that the project is a success.

Okay, what time is it? Yes, of course it is carpet time. Or at least it is if you are in Cricklewood Lane, at number 42 to be precise.

I only found one other clock in the area, although apologies to Cricklewoodians that it was only a quick visit and therefore cannot claim to be an exhaustive survey. Said clock is on Cricklewood Broadway, fixed to the premises of the Green Light Pharmacy.

From this side the clock doesn't appear to be in too bad a condition, but seems to have stopped.

Which is confirmed by the other face, where you can just about make out the (totally erroneous) time through the covering which has become very opaque. Perhaps the town hall project can also campaign for more and better-maintained clocks in the area.

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