Monday, 13 January 2014

Trafalgar Square (Londonopoly #4)

Trafalgar Square, heart of the empire, home of the National Gallery, a modern art showpiece on the "fourth plinth", Nelson's Column, Landseer's lions, the fountains and all that. Completed in 1844. And one of the red squares on out Londonopoly board.

The most obvious clock is that of St Martin-in-the-Fields. Long the site of religion, the current church was completed in 1726. The clock, and indeed the church as a whole, looks magnificent in the bright January sunshine (proving that it doesn't always rain in London and that fog is very rare, although it is always advisable to approach the locals by using the words gor blimey guvnor).

St Martins is of course the church whose bells say "you owe me five farthings" (although it could possibly be another St Martins), which I think is selling itself rather cheaply. If you are thinking "what is this loon talking about now?" you obviously need to research the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons (which come to think about it could be another theme for later postings on this blog).

On the south side of the square are two clocks on adjacent buildings. The first is on the Trafalgar Hotel, part of the Hilton chain but not wanting to boast about it.

Next door is the Canadian Pacific building, which was once the offices of a well known North American railway company whose name now escapes me.

The building has now been converted to luxury apartments.

And here is one of the new(ish) London buses. Nothing to do with clocks, but it is in Trafalgar Square and does look good.

Let's play Londonopoly. Total clocks = 3. Cost on the Londonopoly Board = £240. Hence £80 per clock.
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