Friday, 28 February 2014

Northcliffe House

I have passed this building on Kensington High Street on many occasions, but have only just noticed the clocks on the side road facades. It just goes to show how easy it is to miss even quite big details, especially when navigating the crowds on a busy Saturday.

Northcliffe House is the home of the newspaper publishers the Daily Mail and General Trust plc. the entrance is on Derry Street, above which is an "Evening Standard" clock. the building is named after Baron Northcliffe who, as Alfred Harmsworth, co-founded the Daily Mail newspaper in 1896. The company move to this location in 1988.


Northcliffe House forms the back of the former Barkers store which faces onto Kensington High Street. It was built in 1904, with substantial remodelling in 1938.

The Evening Standard was sold in 2009, which probably explains why the lettering is only in trace form.

The other side of the building fronts onto Young Street. Here the newspaper name is prominently displayed above and below the clock.


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