Monday, 24 March 2014

Upper Street, London

Today we are on Upper Street in North London. The road has one of the weirdest numbering systems, as I found to my cost walking up and down trying to find the shop twentytwentyone at 274 - 275 Upper Street to buy one of Simon Phipps's fabulous brutalist architecture prints (of the Barbican centre since you ask, goes well with the Paul Catherall print of the same building).

But on to the clocks. First up is this nice simple design at Zee & Co, just a shame that it isn't working.

Further up the road is the Slug and Lettuce. No time to stop for refreshments - still trying to find the shop.

The building does have this rather worn street name plate to prove that we are indeed on Upper Street.

A bit further up we come to the church of St Mary. Originally dating from 1754, much of the building was rebuilt following damage in the Second World War.

Note the different style of the dial on the north and south faces.

Our final clock of the day is to be found on the Union Chapel (technically it is on Compton Terrace which runs parallel to the main road).

The building has this amazing tower which is so out of keeping with its neighbouring houses, and all the better for it.

However I do wonder what other purposes it is used for - whilst taking the picture, a local "character" said he hoped I wasn't going to jump off it. Is there a history of this?

The key dates of the building are set out a this plaque:

Time to go, and time to visit somewhere outside of London again.....

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