Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hereford station has this fine example of a clock by Joyce of Whitchurch.

The station itself was opened in December 1853, and was originally named Hereford Barr's Court.

A second can be found on the exterior of the main station building:

Close by is a standard example of a Morrison's supermarket clock, although welcome all the same.

The road from the railway station to the town centre, Commercial Street, takes you past Mr Chips fish and chips shop.

The clock is clearly no longer working.

Mr Chips was once the holder of the (somewhat useless) world record for the largest bag of chips, weighing in at 368.5 kg. Try holding that in one hand while burning your other hand and mouth on hot chips! The world record has now passed on to a chip shop in Southend-on-Sea, which sounds to me much more the sort of town that should hold such a record.
Mr Chips was also included in the Independent newspaper's top ten fish and chip shops in February 2006, although recent reviews on TripAdviser are less complimentary.

The next building is the Buttermarket, a Grade II listed building opened in 1860. The clock is by J Smith & Sons of Derby.

There is a video on YouTube of this clock striking 10 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlBmfDemduE.

Inside the Buttermarket there is a Joyce of Whitchurch clock, very similar to the one at the railway station (although the hand design is different).

Philip Morris & Son on Widemarsh Street have this gloriously coloured clock.

Philip Morris & Son is a department store originally founded in 1845. Judging by the on-line views it is a store that prides itself on good products and excellent service. And full marks to them for the clock.

Around the corner in Broad Street there is a standard Omega clock on the premises of Pleasance & Harper jewellers.

This octagonal clock is in the museum, and is originally from the local Odeon cinema.

To Bridge Street now, and this clock on the premises of Andrew Morris.

Our only church clock on this visit is that of St Peter's. The church was originally founded in 1035, with the tower dating from the late 13th century. The building was extensively restored during the Victorian era.


And finally, this ex-clock can be found on Commercial Street:


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  1. For such clocks, check out Miles & Barr, Queen Street, Ramsgate, the Maritime Museum at Ramsgate Harbour, St George's Church and The Vale Square church, again in Ramsgate.