Saturday, 11 July 2015

St Pancras (Art Clock)

The nature of this blog would suggest that I love public clocks. I also love the work of the artist Cornelia Parker (I think I made reference to her exhibition in the Whitworth Gallery in one of the recent Manchester postings). And I also love the trainshed at St Pancras. So when I heard that the latest in the series (Terrace Wires) of artworks suspended in front of the Dent clock was in fact a clock by Cornelia Parker I was in heaven.

And seeing the work did not disappoint. Happy days!

The work is called One More Time, and involves a negative image of the clock face placed 16 metres in front of it. As you move around the station there is astronomical sensation as the art clock moves like the moon in front of the real one.

The beauty of it is that the artwork is also a working clock, with the hands of the real and not-so-real timepieces moving in unison (just about).

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