Monday, 9 November 2015

Tulse Hill to Gypsy Hill

Another random walk around London, this time starting from Tulse Hill. Don't get excited though - this is a long walk without many clocks. It is alright for you. You can quickly scroll through or move on. I had to walk this. All of this. And then write something, which you probably won't read as you have already moved on to some other more exciting blog. Or then again I might be tricking you, hiding some gem of a clock or some fantastic prose. So ask yourself, do you feel lucky. Well do ya?

Tulse Hill is an horological desert. Might as well stay on the train. West Norwood is where the tick tock action is. Ok, actually there is one clock on the impressive St Luke's church.

The church was designed in 1822, with the foundation stone being laid in 1823, and consecration of the completed building following on the 25 July 1825. Time moves on, but for the clock it seems to have stopped at 12.39.

A long trek follows with not a clock in sight, until a diversion into Westow Street in Gypsy Hill.

This is Foresters hall, of which I know nothing about.

Our final clock of this walk (I told you there weren't many) is Christ Church, Gypsy Hill.

The church, consecrated in 1867, was badly damaged by fire in 1987.

So you felt lucky did you?

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