Monday, 24 April 2017

Birmingham Big Art Project

The winner of the Birmingham Big Art Project was recently announced as being....a clock.

Well, not quite an ordinary clock, as told by the project's website

Susan Philipsz’s proposal is an aural clock. The clock will stand as a monument to time: past, present and future. It will comprise of twelve digits like any clock but each of the digits will represent a tone from the twelve tones of the musical scales. The sounds of ‘Station Clock’ will be made by the population of Birmingham and be produced in collaboration with the Birmingham Conservatoire. The tones will sound very low overnight and will be fuller sounding during the day, culminating in a large chorus at noon. For this 1:25 scale version the clock will sound every five minutes instead of every hour.

I took the following picture of the model when the shortlisted entries were on display in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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