Sunday, 29 January 2012


They don't seem to be big on telling the time in Harrow, or at least in the area around Harrow-on-the Hill station. The first clock is a slightly battered, but still perfectly functioning, clock in the ticket hall at the station.

After that, things get decidedly worse if you need to know the time. The only functioning clock showing the correct time is provided courtesy of good old Tesco on their superstore, which as usually is the case is outside of the main shopping area.

For shoppers in the main town centre, there appears to be only two options. The first is this example, helpfully labelled "Time" but unhelpfully not actually showing the time. I assume at some stage this was a functioning clock.

The second clock is on St Anns Road - although this one looks new and perfectly intact, it has clearly stopped.

Oh well, back to the railway station. Say what you like about the railways, but at least their clocks are normally working (the analogue ones that this - don't get me started on the digital ones!).


  1. You have some fantastic photos! I'm also keen on taking photos of public clocks.

    1. Thanks Alan. Your Master Clock blog was the inspiration for my venture into blogging, and a useful source for many clock locations.