Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kilburn High Road

An exceedingly cold trip down Kilburn High Road today (4th Feb) from Kilburn tube to Edgware Road, with a very poor return in the number of clocks spotted. But hey, it is all good exercise.

The starting point is Kilburn station on the Jubilee, which has one of the common form of Underground clocks.

On to Kilburn High Road itself, and the long trek revealed only two clocks. The first is on Thomson's Jewellers at no. 228. Definitely a bit weathered, and clearly a stopped clock with different times shown on each face. The jewellers itself seems to be closed.

But this is actually quite an attractive design, with nice lettering and colour scheme.

The only other clock on the High Road is much further south on the Westbury pub. This appears to be a very modern clock in a very attractive mounting bracket.

It was then a long trek down to Edgware Road tube and some welcome relief from the cold. Hopefully the next trip will be less cold and more fruitful, although there is also a whole backlog of trips from last year to post. So should be something next week even if we are all snowed in.


  1. Lovely photos! Hope you've warmed up by now :) It was cold today!

    1. Thanks. I've managed to thaw out, although been shovelling snow taoday!