Sunday, 12 February 2012


A trip to Brentford on another cold Saturday. Tempted to go for a pint of large, but didn't pass the Flying Swan (Robert Rankin fans will know what I'm talking about). The strange thing about Brentford is that it seems to have its own time zone, with all clocks (well at least the public ones) set about 10 minutes behind GMT. Probably some ruse to help Brentford FC get an advantage over their opponents.

Very few clocks too. The first is on St Paul's church, tucked away behind the twin delights of Morrisons and the police station. At first I thought the clock had stopped, but no, it keeps perfect BMT!

The only clock on the High Street appears to be this very lofty one on the Magistrates Court, perhaps safely out of reach from any ne'er-do-wells who frequent this building (although I shouldn't be rude about the local legal profession!).

And then finally a long hike east towards Kew to find the next clock. I'm sure there must be others lurking around Brentford (around Syon Park perhaps?), but it was not the weather to go too far off the track. If anyone knows of other clocks in the area please let me know.

Anyway, the last of my Brentford clocks is on the new Thameside Court development on Kew Bridge Road, opposite the steam museum.

The end of this clock-hunting trip, although at Kew Bridge station there is a glimpse of this huge clock on the Great West Road:

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  1. That's an interesting selection of clocks! I think I'm going to start using BMT to explain why I'm late for meetings :)