Monday, 20 February 2012


After the cold of recent weeks, it is now brollies in Bromley. Unexpectedly Bromley is a good hunting ground for public clocks, with a wide variety of styles.

The starting point of this trip is Westmoreland Road to the south of Bromley South station. Here can be found both the traditional style of St Mark's church and the newer (but perhaps the becoming traditional large office block style) clock on the RBS offices.

A little further to the east on Masons Hill is a wonderful clock on the Waitrose building, definitely not the usual supermarket clock. And it is repeated on the other side of the building.

The trail then takes us into the heart of Bromley town centre, going up the High Street. The first two locations are on the buildings currently occupied by Laura Ashley and Gap. The first is an integral part of the building and has seen better days - not least it doesn't appear to be working!

The second is the more usual clock on a bracket, and is in good condition.

Further up the High Street is the rather splendid clock of Payne's the jewellers, although the photo quality has suffered due to the rain. This must be a great clock to see in glorious sunshine.

Off the High Street is The Glades shopping centre, which like most such centres is a depressing and soulless place to visit. However, the intrepid clock hunter has to venture into these dark territories, and in Bromley can be rewarded with this uninspiring example:

Getting swiftly out of The Glades, the next stop is the church of St Peter and St Paul. Speaks for itself really.

A trip along Tweedy Road brings you first to this clock on Leonard House in Newman Road. You can see the intention of trying to make a non-descript office development look like it is a traditional part of the townscape, but the clock tower is just too high up and the face too small to have any effect as an actual timepiece.

Oh, and it's not working either!

Moving on then, at the end of Tweedy Road you can find this clock on the end of a nicely shaped building.

In the background is the Town Hall. I assume this building once had a clock judging by the circular spaces on the tower - can anyone confirm this?

Overall, a good trip to Bromley - shame about the rain!


  1. Wow, there are loads of clocks in Bromley!!! I've driven past the Waitrose clock many times and thought that I need to get a photo of it.

  2. Check out a site I am slowly building up :) Press like too x