Sunday, 26 February 2012

Golders Green

An excursion up the Northern Line to Golders Green on a fine sunny February day. The first clock is a common example of LU clocks on the northbound platforms of Golders Green station.

Outside of the station is the far more impressive war memorial clock situated on the traffic island.

The memorial was unveiled in April 1923. The Portland Stone structure is thought to be designed by Frank T Dear who was responsible for the similar memorial in Stockwell. The blue and gold clockface certainly looks magnificent in the sunshine.

Along Golders Green Road is this example on the premises of Warman Freed pharmacy. The clock however needs some potions or lotions of its own, as it is no longer working and shows a different time on each face.

Further down Golders Green Road are two more clocks, the first on what is now LA Fitness, but I assume was once part of the adjoining library or served another local government function.

The other clock is on the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St Michael.

Both of these clocks are not currently working, which makes it 3 out of 3 for Golders Green Road.

Taking Finchley Road from the war memorial, you can find this somewhat battered clock and sign. Yet another stopped clock - it's not easy to find the right time in this part of the world!

Off Finchley Road on Hoop Lane is the Golders Green Crematorium, which has this rather ornate clock.

And now to a clock that isn't! By the war memorial is this premises, which Google Streetview shows with a clock. Does anyone know whether it has gone for good, or just gone for repairs?

And finally, just for completeness and symmetry, the clock on the southbound platforms at Golders Green station:

Assuming the station clocks are right, the total visit time to Golders Green must have been just under two hours.

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  1. Great photos as usual! It's a shame that the clocks in Golders Green Road don't work.