Monday, 5 March 2012


To the northern outpost of the Northern Line, where the delights of Edgware await.

The first clock is above Lloyds Bank opposite the station, a nice cuboid example of timekeeping.

Further down Station Road is Rock Around the Clock. Whilst it is not an especially exciting clock, full marks to the shop for putting it up, and for at least including a logo to personalise the face.

Towards the western end of Station Road is the delightful little church of St Margaret of Antioch.

To the east end of the main shopping street is Edgware library. Quite an unusual clock in the way that it is mounted at an angle. It also looks that it originally had some form of crest on the panel to left of the clock face.

Inside the library entrance is information about the clock:

Anyway, that's all from Edgware.

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