Sunday, 11 March 2012


After Golders Green and Edgware, we are still on the Northern Line but this time at Hampstead.

Just for completeness, we start off with the clocks on the underground station, first on the platform and then the similar one in the booking hall.

Immediately opposite the station is the impressive clock tower on what apparently was once the fire station.

The provenance of the building is confirmed by a small plaque.

The churches of Hampstead provide an interesting collection of clocks. The most impressive individual one is that of St John at Hampstead in Church Row.

Another St John's can be found in nearby Downshire Hill, which has a fairly ordinary but nicely maintained clock. Even more usefully it has a large sign with its name and address which helps greatly with maintaining records of all the photos taken!

The good maintenance approach is unfortunately not continued at St Stephen's. Although the actual clock faces look good, all are stopped at different times.

And the stopped clock theme is continued at the White Horse, even though the clock itself seems to be a recent replacement.

And finally for today's tour, to Leverton & Sons Funeral Directors on Haverstock Hill, opposite Belsize Park station.

Which just leaves time for a look at the Belsize Park station clock, before catching a train home.

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