Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nottingham (Part 3 - Royal)

And so on to the Royal zone, which is the northern part of the city centre. We kick off with a pub (sounds good to me), the Tap n Tumbler on Woolaton Street.

Just down the road is the junction of Upper Parliament Street and Queen Street, where this clock lurks:

At the very western extremity of the Royal zone is the junction of Derby Road and Woolaton Street (the opposite end to the Tap n Tumbler), an area known as Canning Circus. The corner building, now the1877  restaurant (one assumed named after the date of the building which makes a change from all those establishments named after their street number), has this clock:

Zapping over the eastern side of the zone (a bit of a random order today), yields the YMCA building on Mansfield Road.

The former Nottingham Co-operative Society building, now converted to smaller shops, stands impressively on Upper Parliament Street. The building is really the three separate ones, with that from 1906 including a clock tower.

And finally for the Royal zone, we move to Stanley House on Talbot Street. This building dating from 1863 was formerly the Lambert's factory but has now been converted to offices. The clock tower was rebuilt in 1991-3 following its collapse.

The next stop will be the Lace Market and Victoria zones.

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