Monday, 26 March 2012

Nottingham (Part 2 - Castle)

The Castle zone is to the west of the city centre, and not surprisingly includes Nottingham Castle with all its Robin Hood connections. The zone includes the most prominent building in the whole of the city, that being the Council House. The building was opened in 1929, and includes a clock with a 10 ton bell called Little John.

The Council House sits on Old Market Square, just off of which can be found Long Row West and this clock with its lovely metalwork frame:

Another shop clock is in the wonderfully named Hounds Gate (which leads on to Spaniel Row):

Given that it is advertising watch repairs, it is a pity that it could do with some restoration. It only seemed to be working intermittently, and the reverse face has considerable damage.

Onwards to St James's Street, and this clock by the Britannia Hotel.

I'm not sure whether this clock is comic or tragic - it keeps good time, it is just a shame that the time it keeps is about 4 hours behind the rest of the country.

At the end of St James's Street is Standard Hill and the General Hospital. The hospital was originally built in 1781 - 82, and has seen many changes including extensions and more recent conversion of large parts to flats and offices. The clock though still remains.

[If you are on the tourist trail you are now right by the castle - well worth a visit, but no public clocks!]

Moving south to Castle Boulevard, New Castle House (built 1931 - 33) has this nice Art Deco-ish clock.

And finally on to St Peter's church, back in the heart of the city centre:

Next stop will be the Royal zone.

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