Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cambridge (Part 1)

Lots of clocks in Cambridge,and so this posting will be broken down into two parts. I suspect that there are a lot more clocks that I haven't captured (I'd take a punt on that!) which will have to wait until another visit.

The railway station is unusual in that it doesn't have a clock in or on the main buildings, but commuters rushing down Station Road can be pleased or dismayed as appropriate by the time shown on the clock mounted on the small roundabout in front of the station (taking a picture of it can be quite dangerous due to cars, taxis, buses and cycles coming from all directions - although it looks quiet in the picture below).

On the long walk into the city centre, the first clock to be encountered is on St Paul's church on Hills Road.

Further up the road brings you to the junction with Lensfield Road. Here you can find the Catholic church with its rather unusual clock - unusual in the sense that it is a large mounted clock rather than one that is an integral part of the main building structure (a la St Paul's above), and that experience to date has shown that very few Catholic churches have clocks.

On the opposite side of the junction is the Yim Wah Express restaurant which has a rather battered (and stopped) clock.

Hills Road now becomes Regent Street as we continue heading to the city centre. At number 60 are the offices of Abbotts estate agents. I love the motto on the clock ("Time to move"), it's just a shame that the glass case couldn't be cleaned.

Regent Street turns into St Andrews Street and then into Sidney Street where you are in the city centre proper. Here you can see the magnificent building, clock tower and clock of what is Lloyd's Bank.

All rather splendid really.

Before ending Part 1 of our Cambridge tour, a quick look at two nearby shops. H Samuel in Lion Yard has one of their standard design clocks....

....whilst in Petty Cury, the branch of Nationwide has this slightly unusual design (with fading indications that it used to be a branch of Next).

Part 2 will, amongst others, look at some of the colleges.

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