Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cambridge (Part 2)

Whilst Part 1 had a mixed bag of mundane and spectacular clocks, Part 2 tends to the latter with the influence of the colleges.

But we start off with the Guildhall in Market Place.

Some nice animal motifs going on here, although quite a long way up and probably missed by many people due to the hustle and bustle of the market in the square.

Just around the corner is the church of Great St Mary's.....

.... with its great clock:

And so on to some of the colleges. The clock on Kings College is not all that spectacular in itself (in relation to other Cambridge clocks) but I think that its supporting architecture lets it off the hook!

And down the same road (Kings Parade / Trumpington Street) are three more great clock / architecture combos. Closest by is Corpus Christi College, which like many of them you have to go through the porter's lodge to find the hidden world behind.

Nice lawn too. Next door is the church of St Botolph's.

And next door to that is Pembroke College:

And finally on the dash back to the railway station, on a whim I popped through a fairly anonymous archway in St Andrews Street, which turned out to be Emmanuel College.

And my favourite of all the clocks spotted in Cambridge.

So endeth Part 2. No more Cambridge clocks at present, but I am sure another visit is called for.

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