Sunday, 3 June 2012


As the French Open is currently on, let's look at the clocks of Wimbledon - although the hard streets of the urban centre rather than the green courts of the Lawn Tennis Association.

It is always good to start with a pub, in this case the imposing Prince of Wales. Last time I passed here the clock was stopped. As it now shows a different time it clearly has been working, but seems to have stopped again.

Moving down The Broadway, we next come to the clock on the Tesco store.

This not your average architecture for a supermarket, and I believe it was once the town hall. Certainly the clock is more in keeping with a civic building.

Just off The Broadway is Gladstone Road, where you can find the Wimbledon Wine Cellars shop. One face of the clock is working fine (although a few minutes slow), but the reverse face seems to have stopped. It's what alcohol can do to you.

Continuing along the Broadway, the next port of call is the offices of MFS, an "independent financial adviser". A nice well-maintained clock.

Almost opposite is the amazing clock on the Polka Theatre. The overall effect with the theatre name is rather stunning.

I love the stars at the end of the hands.

And finally to Latimer Road, just off The Broadway. This is the Wimbledon Leisure Centre as it is now called, formerly the Wimbledon Public Baths as proudly says in the masonry above the clock.

That's the end of the tour of Wimbledon - well, more properly, of The Broadway.

New balls please!

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