Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hounslow, south-west London. Or given the wintry weather, Houn-snow.

Initially it looked like an unpromising hunting ground. But then on the High Street appeared good old dependable Marks and Spencer, with a clock that makes me think of After Eight mints.

Off the High Street is Bell Road. And a derelict building with a derelict clock.

Actually a YouTube clip of video footage shot on a drive round Hounslow in 1987 suggests that this clock is a relatively recent addition to the building - although the quality of the video makes it hard to tell for sure. My suspicion is that the clock was taken from some other building - does anyone have the answer to this?

This is in fact the former Sunrise Plaza supermarket - more like sunset, as it now appears to have morphed into the Bell Road car park. Another YouTube clip claims that the Sunrise Plaza was the "largest Asian supermarket in West London".

But it does have this rather nice clock tower on the other side of the building.

Close to Hounslow Central underground station on Lampton Road is the premises of Caffe Venezia, which at one time must have been Stanleys Motors with its Smiths clock.

Our final clock in Hounslow is this rather unusual clock on a modern building just behind the High Street. The location is rather odd, and the clock style doesn't really go with the architectural design, but hey, who cares?

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