Sunday, 10 March 2013


A wet day in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and some muck on the camera lens, so not great photos I'm afraid.

First up is a very modern clock on the Queens Park Arts Centre on Queens Park. The clock face itself is very simple and very effective.

But the tower it is on is less inspiring - more reminiscent of a multi-storey car park than an important civic building. But i suppose full marks for including a clock on a new building. And I like the design of the lower half of the building, which looks good even in the murk of a wet March day.

A more traditional design is that of the Market Place clock tower, dating from 1876, which is a dominant feature of the town centre.

Very Victorian.

Definitely not Victorian is the clock to be found at Hester Clarke jewellers on Cambridge Street (although for some reason I keep wanting to call it Chester Clarke, but that would be silly as there would be 13 rather than 12 letters).

Anyway, another simple but effective clock. And so far three out of three for clocks telling the right time.

Moving on to the solid tower of St Mary's church which can be seen from many parts of the town.

The clock face (or indeed all four of them) are particularly striking in their design and colour, and in their well maintained status. No small, indistinct clock faces hidden by neighbouring trees here. This is a church that clearly wants everyone to know what the time is.

Indoors now, to the Friars Square shopping shed (sorry - centre). The only clock I could find was this standard design on H Samuels. I am afraid that it is a poor quality photo, but then this is not an inspiring clock. But I should give credit to H Samuel for at least having a clock on many of their stores. Unfortunately this was the first clock in Aylesbury that I came across that was not telling the right time.

Staying with the indoor theme, which is not a bad idea considering the weather, we come to the Hale Leys Shopping Centre. It's a shopping centre, it's a clock. There you go.

Back outside, to the Kingsbury pub. The pub has two entrances - one on Buckingham Street where it is always 6 o'clock....

....and one on Kingsbury where it is 11.30.

And finally. This blog does not include digital clocks or sundials. But I don't know what my rules are on water-column-a- part-of-a-fountain / water-feature clock. I imagine that I won't have to worry about this as the example below is probably the only one (or is it?)

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