Saturday, 20 April 2013

City of London (2) - St Olave Jewry

Our second point of call in the City of London is St Olave Jewry on Ironmonger Lane off Cheapside.

The alleyway down the side of the building in the photo below is narrow, and Ironmonger Lane itself is not all that much wider - this is one clock you could easily miss when walking around the City.

The church itself was build by Sir Christopher Wren in 1671 - 79. Since then the trees have grown a bit, and getting a clear shot of the clock is difficult - at least they were not in leaf I suppose.

The tower and west wall are all that remain of the church. Due to the declining population of the City, the building was largely replaced by offices in the 1890's, and these were rebuilt in 1981 - 87.

The date on the clock of 1824 means that it had about 70 years in religious service.

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