Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cardiff - Part 2

Echo, Echo, get your Echo here. This is the Echo centenary clock in Queen Street.

This at first sight uninspiring building is actually a car park in Dumfries Place, so perhaps not too bad after all. Most importantly it has a clock.

Back in Queen Street, and the Principality Building Society offices in Principality Buildings.

Always good to have a clock with letters spelling out a name rather than having numbers, and it is surprising how many names conveniently have twelve letters (although more of that later).

We move on, as we must, to the church of St John the Baptist

The common fad in cities is to have lots of named quarters - no one knows why, but it seems to happen every where. So here is the Brewery Quarter.

Ah, back to clocks with twelve letters in place of numbers. Except in this case there is a rather inconvenient thirteen. I know, let's just put two of the letters together, no one will ever notice.

If breweries can have clocks, why can't apartments? So here are the David Morgan Apartments in The Hayes.

A short trip now to Cardiff Bay. Close to the railway station is this bonded store with its fine clock.

Whilst by the bay itself are two buildings with clocks.

The second of the bay side building is the Pierhead Building, whose original clock mechanism is now displayed in the glass case in the city centre (see Part 1).

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  1. Lovely photos of the Bute Dock Building showing the Potts style hands!!
    Michael Potts