Sunday, 9 June 2013


Weston-Super-Mare has always seemed to be somewhat of a mythical place to me. Perhaps it is just the name. Anyway, it was good to finally go there. With the sun shining (although with a strong breeze) it was a very pleasant place to be.

But what about the clocks you ask (and if you aren't asking that, why are you looking at a blog dedicated to pictures of public clocks?).

So here we go. If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you will know that my trips often start off at the local railway station. So here we have Weston's station clock:

I like the spiky hair on this clock. And there is an identical clock on the opposite platform.

Walking from the railway station towards the town centre and beach, the first clock we see is on this fine tower on the Town Hall.

Whilst the Town Hall clock is in good repair, the same cannot be said for this sorry looking specimen on the Grand Central hotel.

From Grand Central to Grand Pier. No self-respecting seaside town would be without its pleasure pier. Unfortunately, like so many piers, the Grand (originally built in 1904) suffered a major fire in 2008, but was rebuilt and opened again in October 2010.

The first two clocks shouldn't really be included, but I can't resist the tacky allure of a pier-based amusement arcade. Childhood memories I suppose.

The machine below gives you a chance (albeit I bet a very small one) of winning a watch. However it doesn't say much about the quality of the watches when the clock on the machine is several hours slow.

As you come off the pier you can spot this clock amongst the bunting.

It is a shame that it couldn't be a more ornate one that would be more in keeping with the Victorian / Edwardian pier tradition.

From pleasures buildings to religious ones. This is Holy Trinity in the wonderfully named Atlantic Road. The church is Grade II* listed and was built in 1861.

From one church to another, this time to St John the Baptist in Lower Church Road. This church was rebuilt in 1824 and is also Grade II* listed. A slight problem with this clock in that it has no hands.

Back into the town centre, and to this freestanding clock at the end of the High Street.

I hate shopping centres but always have to go in them as some of them have clocks. On this occasion I was well rewarded by my excursion into the Sovereign Shopping Centre off the High Street as it has this enormous pendulum clock.

Figures appear from the windows beneath the clock on the half-hour (and possibly every quarter?).

For once I am happy to end the posting with a shopping centre clock.

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