Saturday, 6 July 2013

Newcastle - City Centre (East)

To the east of the city centre now. First stop, Christ Church on Shieldfield Green.


Not far away is this enormous clock set on top of a block of flats, first glimpsed when travelling past on the Metro.

It is very difficult to see the whole of the clock - even from a long distance to the south the bottom third is still obscured. Perhaps there is a good view from the north side, and the people there are always late and so need a massive clock to keep them on track (although if they do they would not be in much luck as this clock is not currently working).

From here we cross the Byker Bridge and on to Shields Road. At the junction with Heaton Road is this nice bank building. It is now Lloyds TSB, but was originally the Byker Savings Bank.

The clock is by Potts, and was set going on 6 July 1904

Immediately opposite the bank is an open area known as Hadrian Square (this is Roman wall territory). The space is adorned with this modern clock.


It is slightly odd to have it here when there is the perfectly good bank clock on the opposite side of the road, but I guess that it is there to be art.

And by Byker Metro station is this clock tower - no further details available.

A short hop on the Metro to Wallsend, where (if you so choose and are not on a mad chase to find as many clocks as possible) you can visit the remains of a Roman fort and wall (hence the name).
I could only find two clocks in Wallsend. The first was on some public conveniences - I took a quick couple of pictures, but thought it wise not to hang around taking photographs outside toilets in case anyone got the wrong idea.

The second is at the end of Station Road near the river. This clock tower contains a Potts clock of 1902.

We will move even further east away from the city centre in the next posting, but that is all for now.

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