Sunday, 7 July 2013

Newcastle - Whitley Bay

A trip to the coast, to the lovely Whitley Bay.

First stop, as so often, is the railway station - in this case it is the Metro station.

The station, with its confident clock tower, was opened in 1910.

On Whitley Road in the town centre is this much more modern and more unusual clock, presented by the Whitley Bay Rotary Club.

I don't know what it is supposed to represent (although the hours dial has some similarities to the Rotary Club wheel symbol). A comet come to illuminate Whitley Bay? A tadpole of trade?

Anyway, it is quite nice. It was designed by Chris Brammall, and installed in 1998.

Just along the road there are no such possible interpretations for the clock on the branch of Virgin Money.

And just around the corner is St Paul's church, again (not surprisingly) with a traditional clock design.

A stroll along the beach in nice sunny weather is always good, and clock spotters will be rewarded by this octagonal shaped example.

This next clock is at the junction of Whitley Road and Station Road, and unfortunately is not currently working.


Walking down Whitley Road you eventually come to Cullercoats lifeboat station. The clock was originally a Potts one from 1900.


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