Monday, 25 November 2013


This is a flying visit to Harrogate, so perhaps not a comprehensive survey of the clocks to be found in this North Yorkshire spa town.

No clocks at the railway station, so our first sighting is at the bus station just outside.

This is not a bad effort for a modern bus station, and I particularly like the ornamental curly bits. It is just a shame that the protective covering is going partially opaque.

Plunging into the town itself, we find this neat example at H Samuel jewellers on Cambridge Street.

Okay so it is not that exciting, but I think that its clean lines and simple design are pleasing on the eye. And in any case it is one up on Marks and Spencer next door which is often a good banker for a clock, but in Harrogate is sadly lacking.

From looking at this next clock, you will not be surprised that we are at the premises of Woods on Station Parade.

The history of Woods of Harrogate is neatly summarised in the plaque shown below.

I can't help feeling that something more imaginative could have been done with the way that the name is displayed - to my mind too much white space has been left.

Further along Station Parade is Waitrose. A totally different style of clock, but one that fits with the overall building.

It doesn't look so good in close up, but then again most people won't be taking a photograph of it with a zoom lens.

St John's church is on Victoria Avenue at its junction with Belford Road.


Its clock faces are in immaculate condition.


Just around the corner is an amazing tower which can be seen from several directions from different parts of the town.


This turns out to be the clock tower of Rogers' Almshouses in Belford Road.

Finally, time for a quick cup of tea. This building houses Betty's Tea Rooms, a business famed throughout Yorkshire.

Clock number seven, and the seventh that is showing the right time. Full marks to Harrogate for civic pride.

As I say, this was just a quick visit so I am sure there must be more clocks in the town. As ever, I would be glad to hear of any that I have missed.

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