Wednesday, 20 November 2013

York (Part 6)

We are now in the southern part of the city centre, where shops give way more to civic buildings.

This is Scarcroft School, with its Potts clock of 1896.

Tower House is on Fishergate at its junction with Melbourne Street. It is now a business centre, but the inscription over the doorway suggests a previous life: Headquarter Offices Northern Command. It was built in 1878.

St Lawrence church is off Lawrence Street. It has a very tall spire and is set back from the road behind buildings and trees, and so it is very difficult to see the clock close up. The west tower of the original medieval church stands in the grounds, but the rest of the building was demolished in 1881. The current church was built 1883 - 92.

The offices of The Press, the local newspaper, are at 76 - 86 Walmgate. The clear, simple design of the clock is only marred by the fact that it shows different times on its two faces.

The Magistrates Court is in Clifford Street.

The Debtor's Prison, now part of the Castle Museum complex in Tower Street, was built in1705. It is complete with a one-handed clock.

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