Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Durham - a place often seen from the train with the cathedral dominant over town, but one never visited before. I was looking forward to my visit.

Well, you know how some places just don't gel with you when you arrive there? Somehow you just can't get a feel for how the place works. Durham was like that for me. Perhaps it is because it is all ups and downs - literally, because the city centre is built on a high promontory in a bend in the river.

It doesn't help when the first clock spotted is on the unfriendly outward facing walls of a shopping centre, in this case The Gates - sorry the Gates.

In the market square is the church of St Nicholas, dating from 1858.

I'm not sure why, but its clock face is protected by a thick wire mesh, obscuring the view of the clock, especially in bright sunlight.

Away from the sunlight, the inside of the market hall has two stall-based clocks. In other towns I often don't include these non-permanent clocks, but as you will see there are very few others to spot in Durham.

The only shop-based clock I could find was this one on Bramwells jewellers on Elvet Bridge.

The next stop is the tower atop the Law Courts building.

And round the corner is the university cricket ground, and the clock on the pavilion.

Durham cathedral, or rather the guardians of said building, does not allow photography. So I can't show you the splendid clock inside. Shame, but there you are.

The final stop is the former Durham Miners Hall.

And hurrah, it is now time to leave Durham.

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