Sunday, 29 June 2014

Seaton Carew

Seaton Carew is a seaside resort to the south of Hartlepool. Personally I just love the name. Apparently it comes from Carou, the name of a Norman French family who owned land in the area.

The settlement was originally a fishing village, but it became a seaside resort in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Other than the pleasing name, the only reason for visiting Seaton Carew is to see its clock tower at the bus station. This is a marvellous art deco creation, with a long curving shelter and a central tower.

Ok, there are a few rust stains on the clock face, but it still looks good.

The bus station was built in 1938, and is now quite rightly Grade II listed.

What else is there in Seaton Carew? Well the Destination Hartlepool website says that "rain or shine Seaton Carew is well worth a visit, even on a wintry day fish and chips sat in the car watching the raging North Sea is a pleasure to behold." I would dispute that. It was a wet and blustery day, and as a consequence a bleak place to me.

And the view down the coastline is this:

We are not talking picture postcard territory are we? But this blog is about clocks rather than a critique of towns, so let's go hunting.

The only other clock that I could find was that on Holy Trinity church.

So, go to Seaton Carew on a calm sunny day and marvel at the bus station. Just don't expect much else from the town, except for fish and chips.

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