Saturday, 16 May 2015


I must admit I don't know where Acton actually starts and finishes, probably not helped by all the different stations (Acton Central, South Acton, Acton Town, Acton Mainline, East Acton, North Acton, West Acton).

So potential apologies to large parts of Acton, but today's primary destination is Acton Town Hall.

And the starting point is Acton Town station. Which has two designs of clocks - a rather plain one on platforms 3 /4 (as in 3 and 4, rather than a nod to Harry Potter)....

....and a more ornate design on platforms 1 / 2.

Incidentally, and adding to my geographic confusion, Acton Town station was originally called Mill Hill Park when in opened in 1879.

To get to the town hall now requires a walk up Gunnersbury Lane and on to the High Street. Whereupon we find St Mary's church.

And so on to our main destination, Acton Town Hall.

The town hall was officially opened on 10 March 1910, but was subsequently extended with a second opening in 1939, as recorded on the building:

Other than that I couldn't find much else about the building.

I love the pineapple on the top of the clock tower.


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