Monday, 4 May 2015


Waiting at Willesden Junction the other week to change trains en route to Clapham Junction, I saw one of the exit signs pointed to Harlesden town centre. Which reminded me that I had yet to visit the clock tower there.

So here we are.

The clock sits on a widened pedestrian area as part of a town centre enhancement scheme. A search of the local papers shows that it was temporarily removed in 2014, and formally unveiled again on 14 February 2015.

Controversially the clock has been moved from a traffic island to a new position, although it has been pointed out that the distance moved is all of 5 metres. And it certainly looks like it is in a safer place now, away from buses and other large vehicles. Digging deeper, this is also not the first time that it has been moved, with a 3 metre journey back in 1938. This clock just can't keep still.

It does look good in its new location, and has been thoroughly restored.


The Harlesden clock is one of the many to be erected in honour of Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887. However, despite the information at the base of the column, the clock was not erected until 1888.

So, are there any other clocks in Harlesden? Well yes, but not many. I could only find three others. First is the church of St Margaret and St George on Craven Park Road. I nearly missed this one as the clock is not visible on the main frontage.

Instead, it is on the north-facing side of the building.

Clock number three is on the Tesco Metro shop in the grandly named Harlesden Plaza.

And clock number four is on the Newman Catholic College on Harlesden Road.

And that is all I could find.

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