Sunday, 26 February 2017


My visit to Strood was back in July 2016, so this is catching up with my backlog of posts.

Just to start with something different, I have seen this submarine in the Medway out of the window of the train back from Margate, so it was one of the sights I wanted to see when I was able to visit the area.

There is also reference to it in the book "Explore Everything : Place-Hacking the City" by Bradley L. Garrett, where it describes it as a Black Widow Soviet sub U475.

Back to the clocks, of which I could only find three in the town. First stop is the church of St Nicholas.

The church was designed by Robert Smirke, and was opened in 1814.

In 1898, the inside of the tower, including the clock, was destroyed by fire. A replacement clock by Smith & Co. was installed the following year.

Next up is the Morrisons supermarket, on which I have no further information.

And then the Michael Gill building, mixed use premises in Tollgate Lane. Again, I have no further information.

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