Monday, 6 March 2017

Manchester - a few more clocks

A quick visit to the north-west enabled the discovery of a few more clocks in Manchester. The main survey can be found over five postings I made in June 2015, but one inevitably misses a few out.

So this is the John Owens Building on the University of Manchester campus along Oxford Road. The building is in a quadrangle which is hidden from the road by the Manchester Museum (from whose windows I spotted it - you never know where a bit of education will lead you).

Next stop is the southern end of Deansgate, whilst I was on my way to the Museum of Science and Industry (there is a theme here). A fairly standard clock, but good to see nevertheless.

The building currently houses the Institute Cervantes, a Spanish language school.

This part of Deansgate is worth visiting just to see the uniform fa├žade of the buildings.

Opposite is Deansgate station. Or Knott Mill station depending on which sign you wish to believe. I would love to go with the latter because of the style and permanency of the sign, but sadly the inelegant Deansgate one is correct. The station was opened as Knott Mill in July 1849 (if you think that is old, the aforementioned Museum of Science and Industry contains the original station building from the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, dating from 1830 - we will come to that in a moment). The current building is more modern - a mere 121 years old. It was renamed as Deansgate in 1971. And was there originally a clock above the name?

The current clock can be found on the city centre bound platform.

And so on to the Museum of Science of Industry - plenty of good old fashioned solid engineering, and quite a lot of railways engines and aeroplanes.

Plus of course the original station building from 1830. Which has two clocks - one on the platform...

...and one in the booking hall.

So a few more clocks to add to the Manchester collection, but if you know of others out there (and there surely must be some), please let me know.

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