Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bond Street

Okay, I know that there isn't really any road called Bond Street in central London - instead there are Old Bond Street and New Bond Street. Blame it on Monopoly (and perhaps that could be the start of a new theme for this blog...)

Anyway, they form a continuous thoroughfare, and between them have a number of clocks, so here they are:

Starting at the northern end from Oxford Circus we enter into New Bond Street. Our first sighting is at the premises of Hublot, a jewellers.

And just down the road is the Burberry store, with its rather modest clock. I suppose with a brand like that you don't need to go ion for anything flashy. Less is more in the Bond Street world.

The next two clocks are right next door to each other - something you don't often see.

The first is a Rolex clock on Watches of Switzerland.

The next is a timepiece on the premises of Patek Philippe. If you haven't sussed it already, Bond Street is a very upmarket shopping area, dominated by high-end fashion and jewellers with doormen.

Moving south towards Piccadilly, we arrive at Tiffany & Co. This building marks the change from 'Old' to 'New' Bond Street.

What's this? A second Rolex clock in one street? This must be a very rare occurrence.

Near the end of the street, and two more clocks to go. First the timepiece at Colnaghi (yes you've guessed it, another jewellers). I love all the flags in Bond Street, which provide a great backdrop for the clocks.

Our final clock is at the end of the street, on the corner of Piccadilly. This is Jaeger-le Coultres, a jewellers shop.

Not a particular great arrangement the way that the awning obscures the clock from the south side. But the time is still clearly 10.44. The first clock show 10.32 - so that is eight clocks in 12 minutes, not bad going.

So, if we are to start a Monopoly theme (I'm sure I need to say something here about the Monopoly brand is a trademark of someone or another - licensed to Waddingtons in my version, but probably owned by someone else now...), Bond Street is valued at £320. With eight clocks, that works out at £40 per clock. I will need to see how that compares to other Monopoly squares......

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