Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tunbridge Wells (Part 2)

Let's continue our journey through Tunbridge Wells, and on to the MultiYork store at the junction of Calverley Road and Crescent Road.

And just around the corner on Crescent Road is Welham Jones funeral directors.

On now to the oddest clock in town. The millennium brought all sorts of strangeness to the world, including it seems this 5 metre high clock by local sculptor Jon Mills.

It seems to have received mixed views from the locals, but in my view strange is good.

We are back on Mount Pleasant Road, where the local branch of the Nat West bank has this rather uninspiring timepiece.

Continue down Mount Pleasant Road, on back past the railway station (no, not time to leave town just yet), round into Vale Road, and voila, the square clock of Morrisons.

We are on the High Street now, at the lovely premises of Payne and Son, with its ornately bracketed (and colour-coordinated) clock.

We keep walking south into Nevill Street, where we find the church of King Charles the Martyr. This is an oddly positioned clock as it is only really visible from one direction.

On now into The Pantiles, an early version of a shopping mall (thankfully outdoors). The clock was installed in 1924.

Close to the clock is The Cake Shed, which does fantastic sandwiches, and even more fantastic cakes. All in all a good place to replenish energy levels during this long walk around town.

Not too far to go now. Just south of The Pantiles is the old Tunbridge Wells West station. The station closed in 1985 and is now an eatery, and much of the railway site is now a supermarket, but the Grade II listed station building and its clock remain.

Based in the old goods shed, the Spa Valley Railway has restarted railway services from (or from very close to) the West station. The SVR's station has its own clock:

Wow. We are now at the end of a very long walk around Tunbridge Wells. Perhaps time for just one more cake before heading home.....

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