Monday, 12 August 2013


Tonbridge in Kent, not to be confused with nearby Tunbridge Wells (which will be the subject of a future posting).

First stop is St Stephen's church, at the junction of Quarry Hill and Pembury Road. The church dates from 1852.

Mojo's bar is in Barden Road, behind the railway station.

I like this clock, and it is always nice to see arabic numerals amongst the sea of roman numerals. It's a shame that the clock isn't working, although it does give one face the look of having a trendy moustache.

Not many Arabic numerals on clocks? - well here in Tonbridge is another one. This time it is on what is now a branch of Pizza Express.

Just up the High Street is the splendour of Tonbridge School, originally founded in 1553 but now based around Victorian buildings. And like all good Victorian civic buildings it has a clock.

The school as a whole is a beautiful site, and round the back is this delightful cricket pavilion.

Easily missed (as I did on my way north up the High Street) is St Peter's and St Paul's church at the end of Church Lane.

Note that this dial has a "IIII" as does St Stephen's and the cricket pavilion, whereas the main building of Tonbridge School has a "IV".


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