Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nottingham (Part 5 - Outer Central)

There is a cluster of major buildings with clocks to the south-east of the railway station, in what could be described as the edgelands of the city centre. The first is the Hicking Building, built in 1873 as part of a large complex of lace warehouses. The building is now used, amongst other things, as a bar/restaurant.

On the other side of London Road stands the Eastcroft Depot of Nottingham City Council, built in 1878.

And next door is the old Great Northern station of 1857-58, originally built for the splendidly named  Ambergate, Nottingham and Boston and Eastern Junction Railway. Unfortunately the magic of the railways is no longer present, and the building is now a health club.

Sadly the new health role of the building doesn't extend to the clock which is stopped at 12.

On the other side of the city centre stands the Waverley building, next to the tranquil Arboretum. The Waverley building is part of Nottingham Trent University which has a magnificent collection of buildings with a wide range of architectural styles.

The wall in the foreground in the picture above marks the northern end of the general cemetery. The cemetery forms a green lung and a convenient route to the west of the city centre, where its main entrance is marked by a gatehouse. This is currently undergoing restoration, which hopefully will include the clock.

Two further clocks to go, neither of which were working. On Castle Boulevard, Ocean Designs are the current occupiers of this building, but clearly it must originally had a different function.

And over to the east of the city centre is St Stephen's church, where time stands still at 6.13.

And finally, a random picture with no connection with clocks whatsoever (I am hoping to get sponsorship from the Nottinghamshire Tourist Board) - nearby to St Stephen's is this windmill, rather an unusual find in a city.

Now only the outer parts to do before we can move on from Nottingham......


  1. A beautiful and comprehensive collection. Thanks very much!! (Although there was one that got away...

  2. Thanks for kind words shorely. And especially thanks for locating on that I missed - there are always ones that get away! If they are any more I will pay a return visit to Nottingham some time.