Sunday, 15 April 2012


We move back down to the south-east this week, to the much maligned Slough. But for a clock hunter it is fertile ground with a wide variety of clocks.

First up, as so often in my travels, is the railway station. Getting a good view of the clock is very difficult with all the road works going on around, which at the moment makes pedestrian navigation a nightmare.

With improvement works also underway in the station itself, it is perhaps not too surprising that the clock is not working. And the theme of stopped (or at least temporally-challenged) clocks continues across the road (once you've worked out how to negotiate all the barriers) on Maple House on Windsor Road, and then on G D Evans' shop at the far end of the High Street.

Moving south towards St Mary's church, you pass the offices of Harris Cartier solicitors, whose premises at 7 Windsor Road have a large but plain clock. This one is working, but a few minutes slow. Something to do with the way solicitors charge their time perhaps?

And just round the corner is St Mary's church itself:

To the west of the town centre are two more stopped clocks. The first is on the elegant Slough Town Hall on Bath Road, and the second is on the Kashmiri restaurant in Salt Hill Park opposite (and both featured in one of Master Clock's blog postings).

Coming back along Bath Road, you can see this clock on the modern offices at No. 7.

And hurrah, this clock is working and shows the right time.

Shame the same thing couldn't be said about the clock tower of what appears to be the abandoned buildings of the University of West London. Or could be just an excuse for the students not to arrive for lectures on time.

I have left my favourite to last. The clock itself is not special in itself, but gets my vote because of its size, location, and most importantly the building it is on. This is the Horlicks factory that faces the main railway line.

Overall rating for Slough - good for the variety of clocks, poor for the number that actually tell you the right time.

And so to bed.......


  1. That's a good selection of clocks! It's a shame when clocks don't tell the correct time.

  2. Yes! Came onto the internet to find out about public clocks in Slough. Was not disappointed! :-D