Monday, 23 April 2012

Raynes Park

Raynes Park station is just south of Wimbledon, and on my travels I have spotted these two clocks from the train.

The first is the well-maintained clock at Goodfellows estate agents on Coombe Lane, and can be seen from the train immediately before and to the left of the station if you are travelling into central London.

Full marks to Goodfellows for having a clock in good condition and that tells the right time.

The second clock can be seen from the train immediately to the north and right of the station. Congratulations also to the owners of this one on Kingston Road for also being in good repair and telling the right time. Clearly there is no excuse for being late for a train in this neck of the woods.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any other clocks in the area, so just a very short posting today.

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